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[NEW Sample] Kotex Tampons

Kotex Tampons

No Fear with Kotex® Tampons

Who’s afraid of a tiny tampon? We’ve made our tampons slim with a slender tip just so you can keep doing what you love and feel stylish even during your period!

1. Micro – MAX technology
1. micro – so thin, that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.
2. MAX – Super absorbent materials for maximum protection.

2. Comfortable
1. Slender design with tapered tip makes them more comfortable and easier to use.

3. Clever
1. Great protection in a slim and comfortable design.

4. Cool
1. Twist-open wrappers in 7 funky colors.

Sample Set Includes:
1 Box Of 8 Tampons
1 Brochure
1 Plastic Folder

Sample Up For Grabs: 19th July 2010

Sample Link: HERE

How does my sample look like?

Happy Sampling!

Happy Sampling!