27 responses to “About

  1. cool site!

  2. very informative.
    I have make referred my room mates to your website but they can’t register due to the same address i have registered before as we all live in the same rented apartment. It will be good to do something about it.

  3. I Love This site !

  4. On the front page of the samples & reviews items, i think it would be nice to indicated a “out of stock” notice so people will know.

  5. I love Fr3b.com! Some suggestions.. Photos may be uploaded in the product review so that people could see the before and after effect. Or maybe a forum?

  6. i think it would be better if there were more chioces to payment.

  7. tried to registered, but didn’t receive any confirmation of registration details. very puzzled.

  8. ya more choices of payments like other banks besides DBS/POSB.=)

  9. A great sampling website for everyone.
    A site for everyone to have a knowledge on the market products.
    We can able to buy what suitable for us.

  10. should have a “forgot password” or “forgot username” because a friend of mine forgot her username and had to register a new acct with another email! 😦

  11. the new look is totally “cool”, but better if the “out of stock” mark being put in front details so we dont have to search the available sample one by one.

  12. very cool, didnt know that there is such a site… haha. will recommend more friends here!!

  13. Hi There!

    Need to speak with someone regarding my company’s products for your members.

    H/Phn: 93635453

  14. is the products only send to Singapore only and not overseas?

  15. Yes charlie, its only for singaporeans at the moment

  16. Veri new concept.. guess it will work well with us singaporean 🙂

  17. Sachet samples seems to be less effectively use. As we can’t see the effect after finishing the whole sachet. I prefer to grab those in mini tube kinda.

    Beside this, I hope not to keep having the need to login in fr3b website whenever I click to other pages (normally I need 2 – 4 times loging) to different pages.

    And the most impt thing is how to review the grabbed items which I had grabbed it during the 1st Aug Concecpt store opening day? My sis & myself face the same problem & we share the same worries.

  18. me too. i referred to my 3 sister. i apply using home address.. in the end, they can’t apply because of that..

    think need to do something with it…

  19. Me too …i referref to my husband & sister in law & apply using home address…in the end ..they cant apply becos of same address.

    must solve it ..solve it ..

  20. hi can u send to hong kong?

  21. I have registered as a member this morning successfully and tried to log in. The following error message was prompted :-

    Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 26 in /home/fr3b/public_html/user_account/user_account.php on line 304

    I can’t go further and it also says that I have made no referral. Do I have to make a referral to proceed with sample request ?

    With regardless how many times I tried to “Grab samples”, it still shows I have zero samples.. Sorry, I am a bit lost here..

    How do I contribute to the delivery fee ? The website did not guide me into that.. However, I managed to request for 1 sample succesfully – Breathe Right but why not others ? Puzzled..

    Appreciate your prompt reply as I can’t wait to tell my frens abt this website. Thanks

  22. hii…
    I wanna ask something,
    I’m in Indonesia and can I join to this Fr3b.com to participate for all your event and get a free sample??
    or this site just only for Singapore only??

    Thx a lot..

  23. hi.. i have problem loading the main page and logging in. is this normal?

  24. please include DHC products for eg. acne whitening gel sample. DHC has debuted in singapore.

  25. There are 2 different operations hours for the concept store. Which is which? Sun open or sun closed? Pls help to update the websites to the correct operating day & time. Tks!

  26. Where can I buy planers cocoa butter scar serum. Many thnx savin

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