[Soft Launch] Fr3b.com is now known as TheSampleStore.sg

Dear members:

Yes from 01.08.10 onwards, fr3b.com will be rebranded as thesamplestore.sg.  It had been a grueling 7 months of work to prepare for this soft launch, we would love to know your feedback or anything about the site,  please feel free to comment below,  shoot your feedback to help@thesamplestore.sg or my email below.

We would really love to hear from you =))) The new site will be having new amazing features in the next few months, while many of your valuable suggestions had been taken seriously and will be implemented to serve you better.

Of course, one of the most highly requested, better & more durable  packaging, yea, we got them fixed &prepared a whole new nice + durable packaging all for you =))) We have got many amazing features in thesamplestore.sg thus please surf around and start exploring!

The official launch of thesamplestore.sg will be on 01.09.10, meanwhile if you face any errors etc please forgive us while we promise you, we will get them fixed asap. You can still surf http://www.fr3b.com if you like but checking out of samples will still need to be done at thesamplestore.sg.

Oh, before I forget, you would also need to do a 1 time migration of your fr3b.com account to thesamplestore.sg when you are logging in. =)))


Elfaine Tan


3 responses to “[Soft Launch] Fr3b.com is now known as TheSampleStore.sg

  1. Hi!

    I can’t seem to checkout the Acnes free sample kit anymore, as it is not found at the samplestore website and the fr3b link keeps directing me there to login? Help?

    ID: brightpearl

  2. Hi… I realised that concept store members no longer seem to enjoy discounts on the postage fee. Is it meant to be like that?

  3. Hello there, can anyone tell me where can I buy Bryton Pick Flosser? I managed to buy 2 from NTUC at Causeway Point but now they don’t stock them. Thks.

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