[FREE] Kotex Luxe Ultrathins & Fresh Liners

Kotex Luxe Ultrathins & Fresh Liners

Kotex Luxe* Ultrathins
Kotex Luxe*, the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology*- a revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton. No more compromises! Kotex Luxe* pads are available in:
23cm pad length
– Ultrathin Wing 5.
– Ultrathin Wing 20.
32cm pad length
– Ultrathin Overnight Wing 14.

Freshen Up with Kotex Fresh® Pantiliners
For everyday freshness any time of the month, Kotex Fresh® pantiliners come in different shapes and contours to fit you and whichever style of underwear you fancy. You can also use them on light flow days when you have a light discharge.
1.Improved absorbent core for drier and cleaner feeling.
2.New soft-touch cottony cover with a softer fell that prevents irritation.
3.Thinner ends and raised centre for better fit and comfort.
4.New double all-around channels prevent bunching and keep it in place.
5.Stylish re-sealable purses pack that slips easily into your handbag.

Sample Set Includes:  1 Set Of Kotex Luxe Ultrathins & Fresh Liners

Sample Up For Grabs: 15th July 2010

Sample Link: HERE

p.s no delivery fee is required if you check out Kotex Sample =) . Otherwise you can also add another 3 more samples to your sample cart. Cheers!

How does my sample look like?

Happy Sampling!


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