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Kotex Luxe* Ultrathins

Kotex Luxe*, the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough Fusion Technology*
combining dryness and comfort with just 1 pad. No more compromises!
  1. Fusion Technology*
    1. A revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton.
  2. MicroMax® Core
    1. Super absorbent ultrathin core to help maximize protection.
  3. Longer Wings
    1. Provide better side coverage that helps prevent side leaks and stains
  4. Anti-leak channels
    1. Channel fluid within the pad to help prevent leakage all around

Kotex Luxe* pads are available in :

23cm pad length
  • Ultrathin Wing 5.
  • Ultrathin Wing 20.
32cm pad length
  • Ultrathin Overnight Wing 14.


Freshen Up with Kotex Fresh® Pantiliners

For everyday freshness any time of the month, our pantiliners come in different shapes and contours to fit you and whichever style of underwear you fancy. You can also use them on light flow days when you have a light discharge.
  1. Improved absorbent core for drier and cleaner feeling.
  2. New soft-touch cottony cover with a softer fell that prevents irritation.
  3. Thinner ends and raised centre for better fit and comfort.
  4. New double all-around channels prevent bunching and keep it in place.
  5. Stylish re-sealable purses pack that slips easily into your handbag.


No Fear with Kotex® Tampons

Who’s afraid of a tiny tampon? We’ve made our tampons slim with a slender tip just so you can keep doing what you love and feel stylish even during your period!
  1. micro<MAX technology
    1. micro – so thin, that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.
    2. MAX – Super absorbent materials for maximum protection.
  2. Comfortable
    1. Slender design with tapered tip makes them more comfortable and easier to use.
  3. Clever
    1. Great protection in a slim and comfortable design.
  4. Cool
    1. Twist-open wrappers in 7 funky colors.

Kotex® Tampons are available in the following ranges:

Kotex® Tampons
Kotex® Mini Tampons 16
For light flow days or in the first or last days of your period. 8g absorbency – just so you know, that’s about 2 teaspoons.
Kotex® Tampons
Kotex® Regular Tampons 16
For medium flow days. For some, perfect for those middle days. 11g – this is about 2.5 teaspoons.
Kotex® Tampons
Kotex® Super Tampons 16
Great for heavy flow, particularly around the second day of your period. 14g – this is about 3.5 teaspoons.


Kotex® Tampons Sample Kit:
comes in a box of 8, product brochure & pouch

Kotex® Luxe Ultrathins & Kotex® Fresh liners  Sample Kit:
comes with 1 Luxe Ultrathin, 1 Luxe Ultrathin Overnight, 5 Fresh liners

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