[Retail Size]Get Fresh With Carefree Acti-Fresh With Oxygen

Carefree Acti Fresh With Oxygen Panty Liners


It seems like every day is more active than the last, and if you want to stay fresh, you need your pantiliner to keep up with you all day long.

That’s why Carefree is introducing a breakthrough new acti-fresh design across its range of ultra thin pantiliners. Acti-fresh design features a soft, oxygen infused top-sheet and extra breathable back-sheet that allows up to 2 times more air to naturally circulate than ordinary pantiliners. In addition, its 1mm thin core can quickly absorb 3x more fluid than regular ultra thin liners*. (*As compare to Carefree Ultra Thin liners)

The results? You can feel cool, dry and odor-free no matter how active your day is. Carefree acti-fresh with Oxygen. Experience non-stop freshness that keeps up with your active life everyday.

Sample Set Includes: 1 Retail Size Of Carefree Acti-Fresh Oxygen Thin Panty Liners(20pcs)

Sample Up For Grabs: 1st July 2010

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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