Natural Aqua Gel Cure is formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle to your skin and is suitable for all skin type. It softens the top layer and gently removes the dead skin cells from your skin. It aids in removing dead and old skin cells which normal cleansing product are unable to remove.

With continued usage, it helps to prevent blackheads and reveal a brighter, firmer and smoother skin.

Features: Non-scented, color free, no preservatives and no animal testing. 90% of ingredient is made of water.

How to use:
1.Wash face thoroughly with soap and water. Dry your face with a clean towel.
2.Pump 3 to 5 times to obtain an appropriate amount of gel on your hand. Apply gel to your face, neck, or other areas that are dry and rough.
3. Gently massage when the gel turns milky white (do not rub skin too hard). Splash with clean water to remove away excess dead skin.
4. Apply lotion or moisturizer as per normal.
5. For best results, use “Cure” 2 times per week.


This product can be applied to other parts of your body: neck, wrist. etc

Sample Set Includes: 2 Sachets of CURE Natural Aqua Jel
1 Product brochure

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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