Wash off bubble mask enhance facial v-line by reducing facial fats & firming.

Protect skin from harmful external environmental air.

Stimulates oxygen delivery into your pores to clean and remove pore impurities- blackheads, whiteheads, powder clogged pores, etc.

Helps cell renewal to improve and prevent dull and aging skin.

Contains caffeine that enhance facial v-line, firm and reducing facial fats!

Suitable for both gender.

Anyone who sweat, must use this!

Prevent clogged pores, acne and pimples.


– After cleansing, before applying any skin cares.
– Everyday or 3 times per week. Either before going out or before sleeping.
– Some users use this every single night to detox impurities and fully cleanse pore sebum inside out due to harmful external environmental condition. Recommend sensitive skin users to use 3 times per week.
a. Clean hands
b. Wet face
c. Apply about 15mm over face
d. Using gentle circular method, massage upwards over face (especially nose and beside nose’s cheek area as pores around the cheek area are more prone to pore troubles- repeat this area for at least 2 times)
For faster facial v-line result, place 2 hands together at the wrist to form a v-shape and gently massage upwards the cheek bone.
e. Let it bubble for about 30 seconds, rinse off with water

*Avoid mouth and eye areas.
*The bubbling are oxygen bubbles and they clean the pores, you might feel a slight tingling during bubbling- not to worry it is caused by the bubbles and it is only temporary.

Sample Set Includes: 1 Sample Pack Of Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask

Sample Up For Grabs: 23th March 2010

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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