Can’t wait to have your own COVERMARK MOISTURE VEIL LX? AND… want more freebies! You can preporder yours HERE Applicable to 1st 50 Fr3b’rs only.

As time passes, more beautiful your skin appears. Never before experienced of such a foundation.

The moment you apply, it embrace on to your skin like air and instantly covers areas of imperfection.

Only with a dab, powder lightly yet firmly adheres on the skin and create the moisturized skin as a marshmallow.

The “Enchantment of foundation“ will not be broken over time. Moisture feeling increases and your skin glows brightly as time goes by.

From the minute you wear foundation till end of the day, your skin appears beautiful more and more, hours by hours.

COVERMARK’s frontier technology makes dream of all women come true.

– COVERMARK’s original technology changes skin oil into the lighting and moisturizing agent and make your skin looks more beautiful as time passes.
– Powder coated with moist naturally covers concerned area.
– Adopting Skin Melting Formula, it blend into skin as air.
– Contains seven types of plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients).

Sample Set Includes: 1 Covermark Moisture Veil LX Sample Shade: MO 20
1 Covermark Moisture Veil LX Sample Shade: MN 30

Sample Up For Grabs: 16th March 2010

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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