Breakthrough formulation with advance actives to help removes undesirable stubborn deposits
while enhancing skin tone and reducing unsightly flaws such as stretch marks.
Contour Expert Sculpting Serum is a solution to areas such as saddle bags, love handles,
arms. Use all over the body for a perfect body sculpting effect!

Backed by Scientific Research :
o CafeiSilane C – A super body sculptor that targets areas with excess bulk. It streamlines stubborn curves, and discourage fat accumulation.
o BodyFit – A wonder skin reconstructor. It remodels and re-defines the feminine curves, diminishing flabbiness and wrinkles.
o Regestril – A miracle skin tightener that acts on the skin support fibres increasing its elasticity and resilience.
It helps to reduce and enhance the stretch mark appearance.
Thanks to the Nanospheres technology, this allows quick penetration and quick action, promising noticeable results in a short period.
This lightweight and superfine serum also leaves on the skin a lingering sense of freshness.

Product Benefits:
o Diminishes Excess Bulge
o Firms and Re-Contours
o Improves appearance of Stretch Marks

Active Ingredients:
Caffeisilane C (Organic Silicon, Caffeine) + BodyFit (Glaucine) + Registril (Growth factor, Rutin, Green Bean extracts)

Direction of Use:
Apply a sufficient amount on areas of concern, gently massage with upward strokes for perfect
absorption and optimum effect. Use morning and night for best results.

Marie France Bodyline Range:
Contour Xpert Sculpting Serum
Contour Xpert Lifting Serum
Contour Xpert Energizing Gel

For more information, , visit our store here

Also check out our services at: http://www.mariefrance.com.sg/

Sample Set Includes: 1 Travel Size Of Contour Xpert Sculpting Serum

Sample Up For Grabs: 9th March 2010

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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