A revolutionary product that combines reducing actives with a ‘waste removal’ complex:
• Carnitine and Caffeine, renowned reducing agent, work in synergy to trim unwanted volumes and hasten waste excretion.
• A refreshing and draining gel, formulated with research, helps to quickly ease retention and relieves all forms of discomfort especially at the lower extremities.
This wonderful lightweight gel allows you to indulge and relax with the infusion of Tangerine and Grapefruit extracts which give an instant uplifting sensation.

Product Benefits:
o Reduces ‘Dimple’ appearance and Fat pockets
o Instantly Refreshes and Lightens Heavy Legs

Active Ingredients:
Carnitine + Cafffeine + Draining Actives

Direction of Use:
Contour Xpert Energizing Gel is designed to be used as frequent as required, and it optimizes the effect of other Contour Xpert body care when used concurrently.

Dispense the gel direct on the skin and absorb with the palms in upwards directions.
The product penetrates instantly. For heavy legs condition, start application from the lower legs and up towards the buttocks.
Apply at anytime of the day especially after walking or standing for a long period. Use regularly for best effect!

Marie France Bodyline Range:
Contour Xpert Sculpting Serum
Contour Xpert Lifting Serum
Contour Xpert Energizing Gel

For more information, , visit our store here

Also check out our services at: http://www.mariefrance.com.sg/

Sample Set Includes: 1 Sample Tube Of Contour Xpert Energizing Gel

Sample Up For Grabs: 9th March 2010

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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