This youth concentrate is an ideal formula to fight against first signs of age.
SkinRescue Emulsion is highly recommended to any skin that begins to feel taut and lacking
desirable luster and radiance.

• AWS-11 complex is a cocktail of 11 vital nutrients with powerful age-defying properties.
It moisturizes and activates cell functioning from within to fight lines on all fronts.

• The strong protective property of the formula ensures a whole day round defense against
external aggressions (cold, wind, sun) thus maintaining skin hydration and smoothness.
The unique fluid and fine texture offers a non tacky, ultra soft and velvety feel to the
touch. It is fast penetrating and leaves the skin with a remarkable freshness!

Product Benefits:
o Long Lasting Hydration
o 12 Hours Protection
o 11 Vital Skin Nutrients
o Normal to Combination Skin

Active Ingredients:
AWS -11 Complex (Apple Extracts, Omega3&6, ProVitamins, Squalane)

Direction of Use:
On cleansed face, apply a sufficient amount of SkinRescue Emulsion on the face and neck,
gently smooth in with finger tips till fully penetrated.

Bella Skin Care Range:
Skin Rescue Cream
Skin Rescue Emulsion
Skin Rescue Serum
Skin Rescue Mask

For more information, visit our store here

Also check out our services at: http://www.bellaskin.com.sg

Sample Set Includes: 1 Travel Size Of SkinRescue Emulsion

Sample Up For Grabs: 9th March 2010

Sample Link: HERE

Happy Sampling!


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