ACNES Nose Pore Strip

Mentholatum ACNES Nose Pore Strip completely removes blackheads and acnes by the perfectly designed strip. Contains tea tree oil to nourish acne-prone skin. Use it 1-2 times a week (After an interval of 3 days or more for each application)

How to use it
1. Completely dry hands and gently tear the attached transparency
2. After cleansing, wet nose and dry hands. Put the strip on nose
3. Wait for 10-15 minutes, and then tear off the strip.
4. If you feel pain when tearing, spray water on nose, and then gradually tear off.

Suitable for
combination skin / oily and acne skin

Sample Up for grabs: 25th  Feb 2010

Sample Set Includes:2 Retail Size Of ACNES NOSE PORE STRIP

Sample Link:HERE

Happy sampling!



  1. Hi, tried this product in store before. Works wonders on all those black and white heads on my nose. Used to squeeze them out, but now with the nose pore pack, it does the work for me without all the pain. Gross to see all those blackheads after that, but hey, at least they are removed from nose.

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