[New Sample] Lulu Forever EDT

Lulu Forever EDT

A true concentrate of energizing & glamorous freshness!

Ideal for trendy and dynamic young women, Luluforever is a fresh and feminine fragrance, full of energy. It is the quintessence of the spirit of big cities, where women are particularly active and fashion conscious.

The Fragrance:
Luluforever is a delightful fragrance created around a tonic mix of fruits and flowers. Its sparkling catch slowly turns into a gentle and light trail…

The fragrance opens with juicy cherry combined with zesty Yuzu and Bergamot for a sparkling catch. The heart notes reveals a very feminine bouquet of Jasmine and Wild Roses enhanced by Nashi and Pineapple. It closes with a soft and light trail of Sandalwood, Lebanese Cedarwood and White Musks

The Bottle:
In its charming helical bottle and very glamorous box with its scattering of plum-colored sparkling paillettes, it is both a fashionable and pleasant-to-wear perfume.

Sample up for grabs: 10th Dec 2009
Sample Link: HERE



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