[New Sample] Dr Jart Moist Moist Water Sure Gel

Dr Jart Moist Moist Water Sure Gel

Most Moist is the first moisturizer line up with preservative free system using Dr. Jart’s preservative free ingredient, Moisture Keep 24. It minimizes moisture loss and keeps long lasting moisture within the skin for 24 hours long.

Water Sure Gel
– Oil free gel cream
– Double moisture protection coating layer
-Lifting and elasticity

Free From Toxin(4 Free System)
Safe prescription with preservative free?fragrance free?colorant free?alcohol free formulation
Preservative free system
“Lactobacillus peptide”acts as natural preservative extracted from kimchi
Double moisturization
Protective layer on the skin +elasticity within the skin
Triple moisture protection
Blocks moisture evaporation & maintains moisture
Preservative free moisturizing ingredient (Moisture Keep 24)
Dr. Jart’s own preservative free moisturizing ingredients

Sample up for grabs: 6th Dec 2009
Only Available at Fr3b Sampling Store
Sample Link: HERE



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