[Sample Replenished] Elisha Coy Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop

Elisha Coy Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop

This product is a gel typed moisturizer that resolves the whitening and moisture replenishment at one time. With a sense of use that is moisturized and non-sticking, this product can be applied to all types of skins. This product is a functional cosmetic that obtained the whitening functional certification from the Korea Food & Drug Administration.

Step 1. Excellent Whitening Effect (Whitening, Function Certification)   
This is a moisturizer of a new concept since the moment you apply this to skin, the water drops of whitening and moisturizing ingredients are absorbed into the skin rapidly so that the whitening and the intensive supply of moisture are achieved at one time.  Arbutin, and cortex mori extracts remove the macula such as a speckle and freckle, etc., and prohibit the generation of melanin colors, a cause for macula.
Step 2. Supplying of High Moisturizing & High Moisture      – Keep moisturized and transparent skin as if to be a skin of which the washing just finished!
Step 3. Use of Safe Raw Materials – Since this product was made of botanical raw materials, even you who have sensitive or trouble skin can use this product safely.

Sample up for grabs: 13th October 2009
Available in Store
Sample Link: HERE



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