[Sample Replenished] AVALON American Ginseng Slice With Honey

AVALON American Ginseng Slice With Honey

AVALON ® American Ginseng Slice, replenish your energy!

Why do we need American Ginseng?

Our hectic lifestyle results in us being highly stressed, always over-exerting ourselves and suffering from a lack of sleep. We often feel tired, lack of strength and sleepy throughout the day. Other common symptoms include irritable and hepato-pyrexia. In addition, hot weather results in dryness in the mouth, profuse sweating, sleeplessness, lack of energy, etc. The above symptoms are regarded as “ Qi and Yin deficiencies” in TCM. Such deficiencies over a long period will deplete our Qi (Energy) and may result in illnesses.

Perpetual state of fatigue disrupts our metabolism and body functions. At this stage, our internal system will not recover fully by simply one or two resting. Appropriate nourishing is necessary to reverse harms caused to our body, effectively cure “fatigue”, replenish energy and return our body to its equilibrium.

Ginseng, a good Adaptogen

American ginseng, or Panax quinquefolius, originated from the US and Canada , is a highly valuable healthcare supplement and has been used clinically for more than 300 years. Ginseng’s genus name Panax is derived from the Greek pan (all) akos (cure), meaning cure-all. The transliteration of the word gin (man) seng (essence) is derived from the Chinese ideogram for “crystallization of the essence of the earth in the form of a man”.

TCM believes that American and Asian ginsengs replenish Qi, however American ginseng has a cooling property, whereas Asian ginseng may cause heatiness.

American ginseng is often used to replenish energy ( Qi ), relief stress, improve concentration, and heighten both physical and intellectual powers. In the West, American ginseng is regarded as an excellent adaptogen to help people to adapt to the environment, reinstate body equilibrium, restore energy and improve body’s resistance to stress and illnesses. Native Americans use ginseng to enhance fertility and improve mental faculty, as well as treat respiratory illnesses, headache and fever.

Medical researches confirm that the cooling American ginseng not only replenishes energy (Qi), nourish Yin, improves alertness and memory, relieves fatigue and nourishes the lungs, it also promotes body fluid production, maintains youthful looks, restores equilibrium and strengthens immune system. With so many benefits, it is indeed a first class tonic.

When do we need American Ginseng?

•  prior intense mental work

•  before and after exercise

•  traveling

•  lack of strength

•  learning, examinations, feeling tense

•  chest tightness, asthma, cough

•  dryness in the mouth, irritable and sleeplessness

•  general weakness, lack of energy

•  post surgery, post delivery, and recovering from an illness

Rejuvenate your life

AVALON ® American Ginseng Slice with Honey is a convenient and nourishing product launched by Hi-Beau International Pte Ltd. This product uses premium grade American ginseng and linden honey, thereby is extremely palatable. It helps boost stamina and vigor without heating and stimulating properties. For hygiene, portability and easy consumption, AVALON ® American Ginseng Slice with Honey is vacuum-packed in sachets. As each sachet contains 5g of honey Ginseng, dosage is well controlled. The nutritive benefits of Essence of Ginseng are optimized by immediate absorption through the capillaries in the mouth during the chewing process.

The benefits of AVALON ® American Ginseng Slice with Honey

•  Enhances immunity

•  Replenish energy

•  Relief fatigue

•  Nourishes lungs to safeguard against cough

•  Prevents dryness of mouth and constant thirst

•  Promotes beauty and maintain youthful looks

•  Improve concentration and memory

Recommended Dosage

For general healthcare, consume a sachet daily, by chewing.

Feeling fatigue, before and during cold, post operation, post delivery and recovering from illness, consume 2 packs daily, by chewing.

Tips on taking ginseng

Tip # 1 : Do not over-consume Ginseng at any one time. Over dosage can result in side effects such as nose-bleeding, nervousness, skin eruptions, stomach upset.

Though ginseng is good for health, please do not over eat!

AVALON® American Ginseng Slice with Honey is vacuum packed in 5g of honey ginseng. Take one sachet each time to maintain consistency of dosage and avoid over-dosage.

Tip #2 : Do not consume ginseng with an empty stomach. According to WHO Monograph, Ginseng may lower down blood glucose level.

Though ginseng is highly nutritional, we still need to consume it at the right time.

AVALON® American Ginseng Slice with Honey is ready for consumption at your convenience. However avoid consuming with an empty stomach even for healthy people.

Tip # 3 ? Not many people bother to spend time and energy to prepare ginseng tonic soup regularly. No matter how nutritious a tonic product is, regular consumption is necessary to enjoy its maximum benefits.

Ginseng is an excellent tonic, but the preparation is extremely time-consuming!

AVALON® American Ginseng Slice with Honey is vacuum packed, hygienic and ready-to-eat. All you need is just a sachet per day.

Tip #4 : Asian ginseng (Chinese and Korean ginseng) is not suitable for everyone. It can be too heaty for some people.

AVALON® American Ginseng Slice with Honey is made from premium American Ginseng. It is nourishing, palatable and not heaty. Just one sachet per day, it re-energizes you!

Samples: Up for grabs 2nd Ocotber 2009

Now available for ONLINE redemption! cheers!

Sample Link: HERE



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