Innovative Cosmetic Technology Lets Your Skin Breathe!

NIVEA VISAGE Launches Oxygen Power:
The First Oxygen Infused Moisturizer

The air we breathe contains 21% Oxygen, but do you know only 1% is absorbed through skin? The New NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power provides 15% Pure Oxygen boost for your skin to accelerate cell renewal for faster production of new, fresh and healthy skin cells – for a radiant complexion that looks just like your skin feels: Oxygenated, healthy and full of life!

About Oxygen Oxygen is a gift of nature. It gives us all the energy we need. We breathe it in all the time to recharge our batteries, without even thinking about it. It’s the source of life, keeping body, mind and soul fighting fit. We can live for weeks without food, or a few days without anything to drink – but we can only last a few minutes without oxygen. It’s the very source of our survival.

And our skin needs oxygen as much as the rest of our body does. The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, needs this freshness boost from the outside to perform its function and stay healthy. The lower layers of skin are supplied with oxygen from inside the body, but the epidermis gets the supply it needs from the surrounding air. The oxygen in the atmosphere penetrates 0.4 millimeters down into the skin, to the exact area where it’s needed most. There it stimulates the cells’ metabolism, helping them to regenerate themselves more quickly.

The Breakthrough Technology Letting the skin breathe is nature’s own recipe for a fresh, healthy-looking radiance. And researchers at NIVEA VISAGE have now turned this natural wisdom into a new range of skincare products, NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power. It’s specially designed for modern women aged 30 & above, who leads a hectic lifestyle balancing family and career. They need a cosmetic that delivers exactly the right care and restorative properties to the skin.

NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power is named for the pioneering technology that enabled us to integrate pure oxygen into a cream. It took almost two years to develop the efficient recipe that keeps the volatile O2 stable, retaining its full effectiveness. The day and night creams from the new NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power moisturizing range are guaranteed to contain 15% pure oxygen.

The oxygen is literally soaked up by the skin, instantly boosting its energy levels. Tests have shown that cell activity quickly triples after receiving this short pulse of O2. Cell division increases by up to 20% and the cells’ metabolism is accelerated by the same amount. Applied morning and evening, the two products from the new NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power range increase the skin’s regeneration rate by 15%. At the same time the oxygen helps the skin retain more moisture. The result is a radiant complexion that looks just like your skin feels: invigorated, healthy and youthful.

The Product NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power Day Care and NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power Night Care are designed to look just like little oxygen bottles. The special airtight packaging makes sure the precious O2 stays in the product and isn’t released until applied to the skin where it’s needed. The daytime product also contains a UVA and UVB filter and vitamin E to protect against pre-mature ageing, while the night-time product is enriched with moisturizing panthenol. Both products have a pleasant texture that can be easily massaged into the skin and is quickly absorbed. The Oxygen Power Face Care System is rounded off by a cleanser that prepares the skin for the application of the care products, making them easier to absorb. In addition, the face care range is dermatologically tested.

Sample set includes     :    1 Retail Size of NIVEA VISAGE Oxygen Power REVIVING NIGHT CREAM WORTH S$21. 90

Samples: Up for grabs 9th September 2009

Sample Info : HERE

Exclusive in store



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