Vichy Normaderm July Rewards

Dear Fr3b’r,

The 20 Vichy Normaderm ANTI IMPERFECTION CREAM worth $49.00 had been mailed!



3 responses to “Vichy Normaderm July Rewards

  1. I am so glad that such a sampling concept store and website is finally here in Singapore! I spent a lot of time trying to navigate the website though, as did going through the entire process of setting up and registering an ibanking account with POSBank for this purpose. However, I think the efforts were well worth it! I hope I can reduce my crazy expenditure on dozens and dozens of full-size skin care remedies (most of which ended up down the drain as they proved to be inefficacious) in my continuous attempt to find the optimal fit for my very super-duper oily and super-dehydrated COMBINATIN skin type. My fervent hope is to stumble upon the perfect combination of skin care and serum that will solve my skin problems which include LARGE OPEN PORES oozing with sebum, extreme shiny nose with visible blackheads , acne-prone chin, and despite all the oil, fine lines on forehead which threaten to develop into (gasp!) wrinkles as I .. ahem…age not so gracefully. Enough said, I love to try new products and hope to provide useful reviews for the community. Thanks!

  2. Could you guys post the winners here? I did not receive my reward as I’m in the top 10 list. 😦

  3. Hey yes, could you guys pls post the winners?
    I thought i was in the top 20 as well but i didnt receive any prize till today. I might be wrong, so it would be better if you guys could post the list of winners here. Thanks.

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