[New Sample]The Face Shop Eco Vert Extreme Moisture

The Face Shop Eco Vert Extreme Moisture

Extreme Moisture Serum
Main Function
A serum specially created to saturate the skin with lavish moisture

Extra-added ingredient White Lupine extracts, an excellent moisturizer and skin softener.

Nano Nutritive Hydrasome (nano vesicle containing Argan oil) fortifies skin’s natural protective function to prevent loss of moisture (Argan oil promotes faster cell regeneration)

Imitates skin water structure.

Extreme Moisture Night Cream
Main Function
A recharging night treatment cream. Moisture-protection intensifying cream.

Extra-added ingredient
Ceramide (Naturally occurring moisturizing agent of skin) + Lecitin (component of cell membrane) forms Liquid Crystal Emulsion System

è These two components are added to strengthen the natural protective function of the skin.

* Liquid crystal emulsion system prevents moisture loss to minimal and leaves the skin feeling thoroughly moisturized and soft.

• Moisture level of the skin is increased by 50% in just 30 minute.
• 12-hour lasting moisture supply.

Samples: Up for grabs 19TH Aug 2009

Type: 1 Sample Pack of Eco Vert Extreme Moisture Serum
1 Sample Pack of Eco Vert Extreme Moisture Cream
1 Product brochure

Sample Info : HERE



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