NOTICE IMPT – Fr3b sampling concept store

Dear fellow Fr3b’rs,

Important notice to be made:

1. Operation Hours:

Tue- Sat
11am – 7:30 pm
11am – 3pm

Contact: 63365435

2. Fr3b’rs that collected the goodie bag in 1st Aug 09

There are some items missing from the goodie bag you had received due to our staffs glitch in the packing. No worries, you will be receiving the email notification today and will let you know more details about the 2nd goodie bag collection.

Please pardon us for the glitch 🙂 and thank you so much for the support, without Fr3b’rs support, our opening will not be so successful.

And not to forget, sorry for the super long waiting time too , we promise that we will improve and serve you better 🙂

Fr3b’rs, apologies if the MEDIA ppl that interviewed you on the opening sounds rude and didn;t even seek your consent for the filming, i have given them the feedback.

Many thanks,


203 responses to “NOTICE IMPT – Fr3b sampling concept store

  1. Oh no wonder… My goodie bag seems to be lacked of something…Haha… But I really love the deco of the concept store and pretty amazing with the freebies provided! Jia you! Jia you! I have faith that the fr3b team will succeed in this unique line!

  2. Hi Spearies,
    thank you so much for your encouragement, we are really thankful for your support 🙂


  3. Same here! My goodies bag was too something missing, glad Fr3b looking into this! Love Fr3b! Yay!

    They should come up with a member card with photo instead of smsing the number for an authentication. =)

  4. Haha i was looking at others loot and wondering why my goodie bag seemed lesser.
    Its nice that you are rectifying the situation..thank you FR3B 🙂

  5. hi, great job with the concept store. i had fun trying out the new samples =)

    some suggestions:
    is it possible to have a list of samples that are available in the store so if we see something we want to pick, we can go down, instead of directly dropping by every now and then to see see?

    some products are grouped together even though they are different flavors (eg the fantastic delites) or types of product (eg freeman peel off mask vs facial scrub). i think it might be better to separate them so that reviews would reflect the product more accurately.
    i wanted to review the freeman cucumber peel off mask but felt weird having it under freeman facial creamy scrub. and it seems like i can’t sample the facial scrub since it’s under the same category as the peel off mask? which i think is a pity since they’re different products.

    regarding the website, i can’t seem to find some products (usually those that are only available in the concept store) unless i type in the product code. is it meant to be like that or…?

    anyway good work so far. it’s really amazing how fr3b has grown. keep it up!

  6. I heard from my friends that everyone who receives the goody bag on 2nd august should have the pink couch in the goody bag but my goody bag does not consist of the pink couch although I collected my goody bag on 2ng august as well. Does this mean that there is missing item in my 2nd august goody bag as well? Please look into this. Thanks.

  7. Woh! So nice to know that good news. Thanks for yours fast action.

  8. A pink pouch in our goodie bag? My sis & mine don’t have it… does that means we will be receving our 2nd goodie bag? That’s great!

    But erm! How to review those products that we had picked at the concept store? Care to share your experiences. Tks!

  9. Sorry, do you mean the goodie bags on 1st aug & 2nd aug are different?

  10. Hello 🙂 2nd August goodie bag was fine as we managed to get it fixed before Fr3b’rs came.
    The pink bag is given out in random 🙂

    Yes the goodie bags are different. 🙂

    the affected Fr3b ‘rs are those that took the goodie bag on the 1st:)

  11. Has anyone received the email notification already ?

  12. Hi vonn23,

    it had not been sent yet, it will be sent by tonight 🙂 cheers!

  13. 😀 ok thx!

  14. Elfaine, I think you did a great job. First times are like that 😉 And yes the team from RazorTV was SO RUDE! Did someone feedback to you too? They said something behind my back so sarcastically. I have no time to rebuke them though. I will definitely blog about it and complain to their management.

    Anyway, shall wait for your email tonight 🙂

  15. Hi Jacelyn, Thank you so much for the encouragement :)Nevertheless, we are working hard to serve all of you better.

    Yes many of them feedback to me, and i was also very shocked, i have just wrote to them for being so RUDE and so IMPOLITE.

    🙂 cheers! yes will be emailing all of you tonight


    warmly welcome all suggestions 🙂

  16. Hi Elfaine. Is it possible to list out all the items tt were supposed to be in the goody bag given out? I collected mine on 1st Aug, so I just need to noe wad’s the missing items.

  17. yup I hope we get to see the list of items supposed to be in the goodie bag as well! 🙂 I actually went down to fr3b again today, but didnt realise you guys were closed on monday!

    dang! 🙂 look forward to receiving the email!

  18. Hi Musicologist,

    I can’t tell you exactly whats missing because the goodie bag differs it consist of several random products:) because some goodie bag have this, some don;t have. But for sure, it must consist of retail size products plus miniatures 🙂

    cheers 🙂

    • Lol.. I went with a friend on the 1st day of opening and we were thinking that it’s weird that some ppl’s goodie bags looks full and ours seems “empty”.. But how will you know who’s goodie bags has missing items?

      BTW, Congrats to FR3B on your newly opened store! The store is lovely with helpful & friendly staffs 🙂

      Thumbs UPZZZ !!! 🙂

      • Hi Kris33, we do keep records so we know, no worries about that 🙂 Apologies for the glitch & inconvenienced caused.

        thank you for the encouragement 🙂 we are still working hard to serve you better 🙂


  19. Just a suggestion, it would be a good idea if the concept store could close later than 7pm (eg, 7.30 or 8pm). A lot of us are working and the store is closed by the time we reach town area. I don’t want to make a trip down during the weekends especially just to check out the samples. Perhaps the opening hours can be amended to 12 – 8pm?

    Btw, those stands in the middle of the store, they’re for on-the-spot sampling right? It was pretty confusing as they didn’t look redeemable, yet it was obvious they were not for sale. Took a while to realise they were just testers.

    • HI Violet, thank you for your suggestion, yes we have the intention to extend our working hours to 8pm 🙂 totally understand your point of view.

      Yes those testers are for on the spot testing 🙂

      thank you for your feedback, appreciate it deeply 🙂


  20. hi, how do we know if we are collecting the correct items for goodies for 1st aug. (: anyway, does it affects to all that collected on 1st or only to some of the Fr3b ‘rs.
    (i hasnt received any email yet :X)

    • HI Marilyn,

      only some is affected:) does your goodie bag have either Canmake products or ACNES product?

      • Hi There,

        The acnes and canmake products that was available in the goodie bag is it only meant for those mbrs whom have collected it on 1st & 2nd Aug?

        I collected the goodie bag ytd but inside dont have any of the said brand items.. 😦

  21. phew.. I was going to blog about the unpleasent experience as I thought I just wasted $28 + hours of waiting. Can’t wait to see my actual goodie bag.. Hope I wouldn’t be disapointed again..

    • HI uglyfatchick,

      Apologies for the unpleasant experience , especially the long waiting time plus the glitch. Truly sorry about it, please do come by to collect your 2nd goodie bag. Meanwhile we are working hard to serve you better 🙂

      Thank you for your kind understanding 🙂


  22. so does e 2nd goodie bag collection applies to all fr3b’ers that collected theirs on 1st aug? n thus e 2nd bag will consist another retail size item only? luckily u guys rectify e prob jus few days after..cos was wondering y e bag seems empty n not worth min 50 bucks..had a peek in other fr3b’er goodie bag n theirs was almost same as mine..still, thanks for informing:):)

    • HI Michelle,
      🙂 Thank you for your feedback, it only applies to those that got the ACNES kit OR Canmake gift set in their goodie bag 🙂

      no the 2nd goodie bag will consist retail size plus some other extra goodies 🙂 to make up for the mistake we made.

      Apologies for the glitch & inconvenienced caused


  23. Yup, when I looked thru my goodie bag I realised the items in total did not appear to be worth over $50 but nonetheless, boo boos happen and I appreciately it greatly the Fr3b and staff are truthful about this because it didn’t occur to me that the company may have missed out an extra goodie bag.
    Thumbs up!! The opening was good work!!

    • I too never thought that there were missing items in the bag even though no matter how I calculate, it just doesn’t seem to add up to min. $28. At 1st it was disappointment, then green with envy when I read some of the items that can be found in other’s bags. LOL..

      And yes, the opening was good work, everybody is nice, and the shop is nicely decorated. Now, they even put in the additional effort to repack a 2nd goodie bag for the missing items.

      Thanks for all the hard work!! 😀

      • Thank you so much for the encouragement, please be ensured that we are working out a series of features and improving our platform as much as we can in the shortest time.

        Apologies for the inconvenienced caused for the goodie bag glitch and thank you for the kind understanding 🙂


  24. Yup, when I looked thru my goodie bag I realised the items in total did not appear to be worth over $50 but nonetheless, boo boos happen and I appreciately it greatly the Fr3b and staff are truthful about this because it didn’t occur to me that the company may have missed out an extra goodie bag.
    Thumbs up!! The opening was good work!!

  25. hi, hmmm.. i did not receive any email from fr3b wor..

  26. Hi!
    I signed up for the store membership through iBanking on the 1st August.
    Till today,I still haven’t receive any email confirmation regarding my payment.
    I have also send an email but still no reply.

    • HI Aizutto,

      sorry for the delay we are replying the emails as fast we can 🙂 thank you 🙂 you shoukd receive the confirmation email by yesterday,

      thank you 🙂

  27. Hey, the opening was great! you guys did a good job! However….the registration seems slow…any improve lah hor!

    Glad to receive the samples…..good effort to all staff ! Salute to you all ! Hee! Hee!

    • Hi Jocenyl, Yes the registration was really slow on the opening, we had brought in another computer for the checking in, im sure this will improve the check in and check out time 🙂 Apologies for the long wait and thank you for coming to support our opening 🙂


  28. It’s okay..I just received the email.

  29. i’ve emailed helpdesk email to ask some queries b4 e opening on fcs on 1st aug but have nt recd any reply..btw i’ve jus recd confirmation email for my fcs membership n realised my pts became 16 from e prev 10pts but i dun understand how fr3b pts works after e addition of fcs..cos b4 fcs i got 9pts plus 3 stuffs dat i have nt reviewed so i shld hav 15pts..then in fcs i got 16pts to use so by right if i reviewed all e stuffs i grabbed i shld hav 31pts?

    • Hi Michelle, have you received our email ? 🙂
      can you provide your username so that we can do a check for you 🙂



      • yup i’ve recd e email reply:) thanks!! btw still quite confused wif the new pts system cos my online pts shld hav 15 then fcs 16 but after i got 8 items from fcs my online pts became 0 pts..then after i reviewed several items i got back dunno 10/12 pts then after i recd e membership confirmation email my pts became if the calculation is the points should be 15 points(online) + 16 points(fcs) – 16points(check out), then minus e 4 items i haven’t reviewed i shld hav 23pts in my acct?

      • hi

        would like to enquire bout my points again..initally i hav 15 then after the addition of 16 from concept store i shld hav a total of 31 but now i only hav 15points & 3 outstanding review yet to b done. so i’ve 10points missing from my acct. my username is: meshell. thanks:):)

  30. michelle: Haa.. my points have not change yet.
    I think we should give them some time to update what we have took from the store + the points since there’s so many people who signed up as a store member 🙂

  31. Hi Elfaine, i was wondering if you could look into speeding up the admin process, like having two counters whereby one counter is responsible for registering members and another counter for samples check out?The first day was a very long wait because there was only one counter which did both the registration and samples check-out. If there were two different counters for registration and check-out purposes, it will hasten up the process and shorten the waiting time, especially when the concept store is expecting a huge crowd during peak hours and weekends. I could also anticipate that Fr3b will have many more members after the media coverage, product awareness and referrals, thus shorter process on the admin side will aid alot in this case. Thanks a mil.

    • Hi Liane, thank you for the effort to write to us 🙂 yes no worries, we had implemented this already since sunday , hope that it will the check out and check in process greatly. 🙂

      thanks for coming on the opening 🙂


  32. hi cher, ya but e day when i got e samples from e concept store i saw my acct pts become quite confused wif e new system..

    but nonetheless fr3b new concept store is very nice n staffs were very helpful:)

  33. Those who did not receive any emails dun worrie. Just still go down to the Concept Store btwn 7-9th Aug and during the registration-identification process, the staff would be able to identify if you came for the 1st or 2nd Aug opening. If you came for the 1st Aug opening, they will pass u the 2nd goodie bag. I got the email but I wun be printing that out to bring down cos I know the staff got a way to check that I was present on 1st Aug. All this registration and check-out is not done for nothing, its for keeping tracks on who comes on which day and who took so and so products. Everything is all in their system so no one can lie that they went on the 1st day if they had gone on the 2nd day instead.

  34. Hi all!

    I was hoping to find out if I will still be entitled to get a goodie bag of the same amount as the others have got, if I were to sign up for the membership now.. considering that I missed out on the opening weekend and all.

    Also, must we be a $28 member to enter the store, or simply a member?

    Thanks lots!

    • Hi Pam, Yes you can 🙂 you can either register online or in store 🙂

      yes the $28 is exclusive entry for those members that paid the $28 1 yr membership:)


  35. Congrates to FR3B on Ur opening.. I went with my husband and son on the 2 Aug. There are not much crowd around. The staffs are all friendly and nice. My son also likes them.. He likes to play with strangers.

    • HI Fion,

      Yes i still remember you 🙂 your son is really cute and he keeps smiling 🙂

      hope to see you around again, and hope that you had enjoyed yourself


  36. pts became 9 the new system works?

  37. jus a suggestion:) do consider to do a tab for ‘Available in Store’ jus beside the ‘Available Online’ in Samples & Reviews cos if not we wun noe which is stuffs dat will only be available in store. thanks:)

  38. you mean the points we had initially are not supposed to be deducted when we get our additional samples? A bit confused. I had 14 points before I go down, but today, when I login, it was only 4 points… Can someone enlighten me on this?

  39. Hi, anyone knows when’s the lunchtime? Cuz I’m thinking of going down this fri ard 12.30 -1pm

    • Hi Siongeng,

      we are open during lunch hours 🙂


      • Hi Elfaine,
        Thanks for the confirmation. See you soon 😀

        It must be tedious replying to each and every comment. I’m sure everybody here appreciates the hard work of fr3b staff 😀

  40. would suggest that the store could be open till ard at least till 7.30 or 8.00pm. cos by the time i offwork and go down its already 7pm in which the store would be closed.

    can i also double check that if i have gotten the 8 samples but have not completed the review for all the items would i be able to go down back to the store to get more samples to try on? Esp when some of the samples is of the same usage and thus unable to use it on the same day itself..

    • Hi Joreen,

      yes we will be revising the opening hours and we will make an announcement tomorow 🙂

      you can make another redemption as long as you have points in your account 🙂


      • Hi Elfaine,

        I cant wait for the good news.. Tmr i hope when i offwork will have enuff time to reach the store to grab some samples which i saw it online but only available at the store..

        Cheers.. 🙂

  41. Hi, can help to reply my query that I’ve sent out twice to the helpdesk yesterday & today? Or pls reply here.

    I’m fr3b member as well concept store member, does this mean I’ve 2 types of points or I can use my fr3b points in the store or simply the $28 = 16pts only.

    As the system is not finalist yet, I can’t review the items that I had grabbed during 1st Aug, does that means, I can’t grab items on this coming weekend when collecting the 2nd goodie bag?
    Oh ya, are we allow to choose the canmake gift set instead of the acnes? Since I don’t have acnes problem?

    • I din know there was a gift set wor.. Is there a canmake gift set available for mbrs?

      I dont rem having any acnes gift set when i signed up for the mbrship wor…

    • HI Mstan,

      Apologies if we had missed out your email & for our late reply.

      You only have 1 type of points, meaning both online & offline they use the same points as seen in your account 🙂

      Yes the review system is just launched midnight yesterday, so sorry for the delay, please do pardon us for the delay. You can grab your 2nd goodie bag and check out samples in store as long as you have points in your account 🙂

      Lastly, the CANMAKE SET / ACNES SET all have been given out on 1st Aug 🙂 what’s in the goodie bag will be new items apart from the CANMAKE / ACNES SET.

      Please feel free to comment if you need any queries, and i will revert to you as soon as possible 🙂


  42. hi, ive also grabbed items from the store on 1st august but my points and outstanding reviews has yet to be updated too. does that mean i can’t go to the store yet since if 8 items = 16points, deducting my current point, i will have none left. Which also means i can only go to the store once my outstanding reviews have been updated so that i can write reviews and earn points?

    • Hi smystique, no worries, you can now submit your reviews at sample & review page link as there is now a new tab available for concept store samples 🙂 from there you can earn points and do your redemption in store:)


  43. I just wana leave my thanks here for the 2 babes who are always in store. They are always friendly, accomodating and helpful whenever i drop by. Thanks loads! =)

    I will continue recommending my friends to join fr3b, not just because it is an amazing business idea, but also coz i believe hard work should be recognised and supported! Keep up e good work!

    • Hi Oliviaccn,

      thank you for your nice comments, please be assured that we are constantly improving to provide better services for you, your friends and fellow fr3b’rs 🙂


  44. how do i sign up as a member? i would like to sign up and get the goodie bag

    • Hi Jessica,

      you can either sign up online as a mbr or go down to the store itself to sign up.. I’m not too sure whether the goodie bag still have stock anot but ytd when i went down to the store for the mbrship they gave me a goodie bag and there were still alot of goodie bags after i left the store..

      Hope this helps.. 🙂

      • Hi Joreen,

        thank you for taking your time to help us to do the reply 🙂

        yes the goodie bags are still available as we are constantly preparing more 🙂


  45. i think my points are updated.
    Haaa cant tell.
    I have 8 points initially
    so is 8 + 16-16 = 8 HAHAHA
    but when will the store webby be up, want to write my reviews 😀

  46. I’m getting more & more disappointed. My queries has yet to received reply. Does that means we can’t grab any more items anymore? or $28 only meant for once grabbing of 8 items + goodie bag?

    What’s the diff between concept pts & onine pts?

    Hope helpdesk will react soon on my qeries.

    • HI Mstan, apologies for the late reply and making you wait.

      yes you can continue to grab samples from the store for 1 yr as long as you have enough points in your account which can be accumulated by writing reviews 🙂

      there is no diff between online/offline store points, they are all the same points you see in your account 🙂

      should you need any quick response please do give me a ring at 63365435. thank you for your patience


  47. Mstan,

    Hope my reply on Fr3b behalf can answer your questions. I was initially blur too at first and then later on clarified with another Fr3b member.

    Our $28 membership fee allows us to grab any items both at the Concept Store (of cos each time check out is no more than 8 items) or online. U can go on any day of the store’s opening hours and day. U can even go everyday if u like it. But how much u can grab in total ultimately depends on how many points u have in Fr3b. U gain your points from product reviews and/ or survey done. Everytime u check out from the Concept Store, the staff will register the items u pick and points will be deducted from your account. Pretty much same as the online procedure except that with the concept store u dun have to pay for postage charges and u can grab full retail sized items (eg: huge tubes of Freeman prdts). The goodie bag thing is some sorta “welcome” gift to members who sign up and who comes down for their opening. Its only available for their opening day which is the 1st and 2nd Aug.

    Concept points and Online points are the same. For example if u have 16 points in your online Fr3b account, u can use those 16 points to grab either freebies from or grab it from their online store.

    • HI Loletta,

      thank you once again for your time an effort to do the reply for us. Thank you 🙂 please do let me know if you come to the store as I would like to thank you personally. 🙂

      Highlight: goodie bag is still available 🙂


  48. Sorrie I made an important typo….

    Concept points and Online points are the same. For example if u have 16 points in your online Fr3b account, u can use those 16 points to grab either freebies from online or grab it from their Concept store.

  49. Thanks Loletta, you are very kind enough to reply on fr3b’s behalf… I appreciate you & thankyou for your thoughts. You have helped to clear my doubts.
    May I raise another query?
    I’ve 14pts now, after I review the 8 items that I’ve grabbed during 1st Aug, meaning, another 16 pts will credit in my account, so add up to 30pts. Does that means I can grab 8 items online & 8 items in their concept store?
    Sorry to trouble you & fr3b again. Tks yo!

    • hi Mstan yes, after reviewing the 8 products you will earn back your 16 points which you can use it to redeem the samples online or in the store itself.

      Example: you have 14 points in your account, you can redeem 7 samples either in store or online. after redeeming the 7 samples, we will minus the 14 points from your account 🙂

      please do let me know if there is any unclear information so that i can help 🙂


  50. No worries Mstan, my pleasure to help. 🙂
    Yes u are right. After u review all the 8 items that u picked from the concept store, u will be awarded with 16 (8 x 2=16) points. Add those to your current 14 points and you will have 30 points.

    8 items from Concept store = 16 points
    8 items from online = 16 points
    Total= 32 points

    Means you either need another two more points to grab the items mentioned above or else you have to forego one item and pick a total of 15 items only (be it within online or at the Concept store).

    • Hi Loletta, the max no of samples that can be grabbed in store is 8 products/samples 🙂


    • Hi Loletta,

      I have tried to grab samples online after i grab 8 samples at the concept store but the system prompted me that i can only grab the samples after 24 hrs from the time i grab the samples from the concept store even thou i got enuff points on the day itself.

      Can anyone advise me whether is it 1 day can only grab max 8 samples from either online or at the concept store??

    • Hi Loletta, realised my 16pts (after registered as concept store member) are not credited to my account. My current points shows only 18 after reviewing, it should be more than 30pts. Would Ms Elfaine to help check. Thanks in advance & sorry to trouble you again..

  51. Wow, that’s wonderful, since this website has yet to up for us to review the items, I shall use my online 14pts to grab 7 items this weekend in the concept store then. Tks! Will certainly share this with forum members & hope they can all join in… tks!

    • hi mstan, hope to see you over the weekend and please let me know if you have any doubt, i will be in the store to assist you as and when you need help.

      once again, apologies for the late reply.


  52. Thanks, will sure to trouble you on that day, Elfaine, but don’t ‘remember’ me pls! keke…
    Way to go, fr3b… Jia you!

  53. Hi, I have posted my queries on the message board on tue and had yet to received any reply.
    I had 17 pts before signing up the store membership but additional 8 pts was not credited to my account after signing.
    The auto upgrade to 16points is additional 16points OR auto grade to 16 points irregardless of the existing points?

    • Not very sure. I would like to know the answer too. It seems that other fr3b-ers are getting their extra points brought over.

      But I only have 16 point now, when before that I have a few additional points for referring friends.

      • Hi jerline, its add in 16 points 🙂 Let say you have 6 pts now, upon joing we will add in 16 points, if you do a check out , we will minus the points away according to the no of samples you grab:)

        Hi siongeng, is your pts correct ?

      • Hmm.. So if my current points is 16, and I do not do any checkouts, no pending reviews, that means it’s wrong. Am I correct to say that??

        My userid is engeng84

  54. unfortunately my points have yet to be updated. I have done 4 reviews yesterday, and today the points is still the same as yesterday. 😦

  55. If the goodies bag are all given out, then those who sign up after will get a bag too?

  56. dear elfaine,

    thank you so much for giving me the best service when i visited the store just now. & and of course taking the time to update my account. thank you so much. i really appreciate that alot. i will definitely continue supporting your store (:

  57. Hi Elfaine,

    i collected my goodie bag on the 1st of Aug with a retail size of ACNE kit and an empty dermalogica makeup bag, with few samples, is that considered a glitch on your side?Because i think my goodie bag is not amounted to $50. So does that mean i am eligible for the 2nd goodie bag collection?Because i was confused with the eligibility of the 2nd goodie bag collection as you mentioned that not all members are affected.

  58. Liane,

    U got the same stuff as me (one retail sized ACNES kit and Dermalogica bag. Yes, the items inside do not amount up to $50 but thats becos we were short changed of 1 more goodie bag. This applies only to those who went down for the 1st Aug opening and not for those who went on the 2nd Aug, thats why not all Fr3b members are affected.

  59. Hi, I already had 17 pts before signing up the concept store membership. Additional 16 pts was not credited to my account after signing up. =(

    • Hi Jerlin 🙂

      i did a check for you, you should have 25 points left as 16 points was added to your acc when you sign up , so when you do a check out of 8 products, the 16 points will be minus away 🙂


  60. hi, i had 8 points before i signed up for the concept store membership. i checked out 8 products and have reviewed 4 products. so i’m supposed to have 16 points (8 + 16 – 16 +8) but currently only have 8 points.
    please help me check. thanks.

  61. jadelz, you are able to do the review on those products that you grabbed in the concept store already? I can’t review at all..

  62. may I know is it I can go down to collect my 2nd goodie bag today. Thks

  63. When i joined i didnt get 16 points oso..

  64. I found the product in this website, but it prompted me that I’ve to check out before I do the review.. really weird!

  65. Hi, is there anyone know todays can get the 2nd goodie bag? Pls inform me becos I plan to the store after work. Thks!

  66. Hi Loletta, thanks for the info. I went down today and has already collected my 2nd goodie bag, good stuffs!Hope you got nice goodies too!

    Dear Elfaine, thanks for the wonderful concept of sampling. Keep up the good job:)

    • Hi Loletta,

      hope you like the products 🙂 and thanks for making the second trip for the goodies!

      Thanks Loletta for the encouragement 🙂 its so nice hearing it from you 😀


  67. Hi Liane, thanks to your info. Can’t wait to go down, hope not so crowded.

  68. Hi,

    I went down earlier and was happy to see that it wasn’t super crowded. Didn’t manage to get the lady’s name at the counter who checked me out but your service is superb. (I was the one debating with the boyfriend about which chips flavor to take and you were really patient). Just wanted to say Thank You! 🙂

    • hi Cara,

      yes i remember, you were deciding whether to get the Roast Chicken flavor or BBQ Flavour 🙂

      glad that you had enjoyed your time here at Fr3b 🙂 its our job to serve you well:)


  69. Hi my userid charlene83. please help to check

  70. Thanks everyone!!
    – Had collected my 2nd goodie bag 😀
    – Have checked that my points were updated already 😀
    – Managed to get some samples checked out today. 😀 😀

    Cheers to Fr3b!!

  71. Hello Elfaine,

    Not a problem. It was nice having this whole sampling idea for us ladies too. God knows how many times I used to be taken in by marketing gimmicks and bought expensive stuff from Watsons that failed to work at all. Now with this new sampling concept, it really saves us ladies alot of money as there are tons of products out in the market these days. In business sense, its also a win-win situation for us consumers, Fr3b and the manufacturers of these product samples. Whoever who came up with this concept is a true genius!

    Btw, I not sure if the lady I chatted a bit with at the check out counter for you but also paiseh to ask so personally if you were her. I went down at 2pm+ so there was only 1 lady at the check out and 1 more lady in the room doing the stocking.

  72. Now, I start to worry. I will be going to the concept store & grab 8 items. But none of the items allow me to grab. So does that means, my pts will still be reduce of 16pts after grabbing yet not able to do the review online..

  73. Sorry, some typo errors earlier :

    Now, I start to worry. I will be going to the concept store & grab 8 items. But none of the items allow me to grab (should be to review) . So does that means, my pts will still be reduced of 16pts after grabbing yet not able to do the review online..

    • hi mstan, you can still can proceed to do the reviews 🙂 you can let me kbnow which samples are not updated in your account so that i can assist you asap 🙂


      Hope you had enjoyed your time at Fr3b


  74. I went to collect the 2nd goodie bag. Happy that I’ve got the cheek blushes yet sad to get the ance products as I don’t have ance to prevent neither all my fellows people that I know of. Well, just keep erm & see how.
    I managed to review some of the items as after collecting, too anxious, so I tried them out immediately I left fr3b concept store.
    The ladies there are really friendly, thoughtful. Thumbs up for their sevices. I hope my facebook review will get more people to join in the fun with us.

  75. just wanna confirm, i have 25 points initially. after signing up for the membership, i should have 25 + 16= 31 points, and after grabbing 4 items, my balance should be 31 – 8 = 23 points, but i only have 17.
    please kindly advice.

    also wanna ask how many days i should wait before reporting lost mail. cos i grabbed some items on 03 aug but till now did not received. i used to received the items within 3 working days.

    • HI Irene, can you advise your username so that i can do a check for you? cheers!


      • my user id is: ireneyksoh

      • hi Irene, no worries, points updated 🙂

        usually we wait for 10 days before reporting lost mail. no worries, do drop us a note if you do not receive your Fr3b pack by 14th 🙂


      • as at today, 14th aug 2009, i still did not received my package. please kindly advice.

        btw: i just realised that the items that i grabbed are only available in your concept store. Is there a possibility that the items were not being post out?

      • hi Irene,

        i have checked for you, its confirmed mailed.


  76. hi, i just signed up as a member and got my goodie bag on 7aug. was really disappointed with the goodie bag cause the value was nowhere near $28 as compared to my friends who got theirs and claimed the value was almost $50+. also the only retail size thing i had was the johnson and johnson cream. i wonder if those who signed up later got the goodie bag which is = to the 2nd goodie bag of those who signed up earlier? thats quite unfair to us cause we also paid the same amount. wonder what you can do for this?

    another thing is when i joined i had 8 points. after i signed up as a member i had 16 points. i should get 24 points after i signed up right? (before checking out items).

    thanks and hope to hear fr u soon!

    • I should think that maybe you were given the 2nd goodie bag by accident. Anyway, let’s wait for Fr3b’s reply.

      I got my 2nd goodie bag on the 7th too. Other than the Johnson & johnson lotion, I also got retail size of a Acnes sealing gel and Maybeline blusher (and a few other samples).

    • Hi Jessica,

      the goodie bag now for the membership had been screened thru and packed up accordingly, my colleague may have passed you the 2nd goodie bag instead, can your username so that we can do a check ?

      thank you


  77. I went to fr3b concept store to collect my 2nd goodie bag and to get more samples on 7th Aug 2009.. I was so paisei that I reached so late.. but the staff waited for me.. I chatted with the one of the owners ( Elfanie) and was very impressed with her passion, dedication and excellent customer service rendered to her work, fr3b and to all customers. Elfanie may be younger than so many of her customers, but her dedication, sincerity and excellent customer service won me over. Elfanie, thank you once again for your wonderful service rendered.

    Actually for the points matter, one should get 16 points on top of the existing points that we have in our account before we signed up for the concept store membership. Think for members who did not see an update of the 16 points in your account, you can email fr3b with your username and tell them about the problem.. and they will update accordingly. ( I just had my points updated when I went to fr3b concept store last Friday)

    • Hi sharron,

      thank you for your nice feedback 🙂 its really feels so happy to hear trueful comments from you & fellow Fr3b’rs 🙂

      Hope you had enjoyed your time at Fr3b while we are constantly improving to serve you better 🙂


  78. Does the store opens during public holiday?

  79. yup i did a checkout in the store..i alrdy had 16 points in my account and aft i join its still 16..lilacycrush. thanks.

  80. hi chris, is this your username: Lilacy_crush24


  81. Thanks for the 2nd goodie bag. I am the one who is super kan chiong and went the day when you all send the email to collect the 2nd goodie bag. Haha! Anyway thanks for all the stuff. I have been wanting to buy a blusher but now i have got one. 😀 You all are very prompt and friendly. Good job there. 🙂

  82. Hey. You didn’t answer my question!!
    If the goodies bag are all given out, then those who sign up after will get a bag too?

  83. yup thanks (:

  84. Hi, i notice there was a checkout of a product at fcs yesterday and points was deducted but i did not go down.

    Pls help me to check. Thank you very much.
    My username is cocoalover.

  85. Hi, I realised there was 1 item checkout yesterday (11Aug09) under my account thr FCS.
    Pls help to look into it as yesterday I’m quite busy & did not grab any items in fr3b moreover under FCS. Pls check & hope this will not happen again. I’m pretty sure members are unlikely to check on their accounts as & when as we are all either working or studying. Tks!
    My user : mstan

  86. Hi,
    I’m not checkout anything on 12/08/09 (today), and on 07/08/09 (Fri) I checkout one item there is Rojukiss Pore Tighteening Source instead of SR Treatment Ess.
    Kindly look into this matter. Thank you!
    User Name: Oon

  87. Hi, would like to make some queries here:

    On 9 Aug, I got 16pts. However, this morning i notice that my pts was reduced to 10pts as 3 items was added to my accts. (2 were grabbed on 1 Aug and the Clinelle moisturiser which i didn’t grab at all.) All these 3 items were updated as grabbed items on 11 Aug.

    1) Since 2 items were grabbed on 1 Aug and pts were already deducted plus 1 items which i didnt grab at all, could Fr3b reinstate back 6 pts to my acct? (I got 2 pts added for doing review today hence my total pts nw is 14pts)

    2) There were some more items missing in my acct which i’ve grabbed on 1Aug. Could u plse chk and update accordingly. If nt, let me noe and i wil update u those missing items.


    • hi sgkitty,

      the clinelle Mosituriser had been removed and the pts had been reinstate to your account.


      1) base on query number 1. 4 points reinstated.

      2) please advise what are the missing items thank you so much for your help


  88. Hi, is it true that our points should be added 16 points on top of our exisiting member points? If so, can you check my account?

    Before i signed up, I had 11 points. After I signed up, I had 16 points. Should I have 27 points actually?

    Sorry for being blur~

    username: misaamiya

    • hi Misa,

      yes 16 points is added, but if you do the check out in the store, the points will be deducted too 🙂

      cheers, no worries


  89. Hi, pls help to rectify the problems as I may be going down to the concept store this few days. Hopefully by then, still able to solve the problems.

    • Rectified cheers!


      • Thanks Elfaine, the un-grab item has been removed from my account. However, I still lack of the 2 pts that was been deducted due to the un-grab item earlier.

        Would you mind to add 2pts back to my account?

        Thanks alot.

  90. Hi,

    My userid is: sgkitty

    many tks.

  91. after reading all the fedback from here, i went to check out the content of my goodie bag(finally got time) that i’ve collected on 02 ang 09 and realised thay the content is the same as jessica, only have a retail size johnson and johnson cream and the rest of the items are all sample size.
    am i sad to said that i may be given the wrong bag too???

    my user id: ireneyksoh

    please kindly advice

  92. where can i do survey to get more points?

    • Hi Mei ting,

      only some products have survey. 🙂 you can see the survey link beside “write a review” if the products have a survey


  93. Thanks, 2 pts added back.. 10pts as of now..

  94. Hi, can help check?

    I’ve 10pts, after doing 4 reviews & 1 survey, I should be added 9 pts.
    So make up to be 19pts. But it shows only 18pts.

  95. hi mstan,

    its correct.
    Products without survey: 2 pts for reviews
    Products with survey: 1 pt review, 1 pt for survey


  96. ops! forgot to mention. my user id is ireneyksoh

  97. Hi Elfaine,
    May I suggest that:
    Product without survey: 2 pts for review
    Product with Survey: 2 pts for review, 1 pt for survey

  98. Hi Elfaine,
    didn recd any reply to my queries regarding my pts.
    initally i hav 15 then after the addition of 16 from concept store i shld hav a total of 31 but now i only hav 17points & 2 outstanding review yet to b done. so i still hav 10points missing from my acct.
    my username is: meshell.

  99. Would like to suggest fr3b to have members meetup session in concept store. This session includes items exchange & items giveaway. Items can be fr3b items or can be our own items.

    Reason for this suggest is to make fr3b more lively. Members get to know each other more. Members get to give feedbacks on the spot & interacting with fr3b staffs. Other promotions from retail shops.

    I’m not sure will my suggestion be welcomed by fr3b staffs or members but at least I give a try..

    No offence pls.

  100. Mstan, I second that! That is a very good idea becos:
    1) some of freebie given to me during the opening I have no use for it and they are the ones that can’t be choose (given at random).

    2) for Fr3b, this is a good way to conduct a focus group survey because you get open ended questions on the products and feedback suggestions to improve as words are limited when it comes to typing our reviews on particular products. Maybe u can consider giving this feedback to some of the companies who provides us the free samples. And yeah, this is a lot hell way cheaper than the companies actually paying for a 3rd party research agency to conduct the focus group on their behalf.

  101. Activated with error below,

    Account not activated, please check your email to activate it. Sometimes, it will fall into your spam/junk folder.

    user => wanjun419

    Pls verify asap.

  102. i emailed fr3b with regards to my goodie bag that i received yesterday. still waiting for reply. the contents are definitely not worth $50 as claimed and the goodie bag’s so empty. very disappointing. i thought people who sign up after 2nd aug are still entitled to a $50 goodie bag?

  103. Gotten some doubts from friends & myself – need to clarify with fr3b : –

    1) Online checking, stated retail size. But in concept store, is it really in retail size?

    2) New items are added in concept store in what basis? As in weekly, monthly or as & when

    3) Is it possible to state in the website should the items are OOS in the concept store?


  104. Hihi, I did not grab the below today, pls help to remove it from my list & rebate the 2points to my account. Tks babe!

    Loreal True Match Two Way Powder Foundation

  105. Thanks for helping me to solve the earlier error.

    But I want to rant out.. I’m so disappointed with the Referral Contest… not going to waste my time for keep repeating how interested fr3b for people to join here. 20 referral – har….

    Another I need to inform fr3b is I’ve used Rick’s account to grab items online & paid, but no email to rick’s email or my email for confirmations.

    • Hi mstan,

      The referral contest is reset every month to be fair to everybody, if not every month will be the same winners. Thank you for your kind understanding.

      on your 2nd issue, please take note that confirmation email will be sent within 2 working days.


  106. Hi Elfaine, I understand, just that after so many bombs to me (those that I had referred), I can’t keep it to myself but to let it out here as well in the forum. To make them understand that I’m only a member of fr3b not partnership. Gosh! What did I gain in the end – BOMBS, worsen our friendships.. is it worth?

    Well, for the 2nd issue, I hope to receive the confirmation soon as my sis had already got her items AFTER my payment. Thanks!

  107. Hi mstan, Rick’s check out on 16 september had already been mailed and processed accordingly, thank you 🙂

  108. Thanks Elfaine, miss out your reply. Had rec’d the items but it’s weird that both email of mine & Rick did not rece’d the confirmation of this grabbed.

  109. Pls help to verify – I got 2 points minus when grabbing COMPLETE® EASY RUB™ Multi Purpose Solution in concept store, yet after reviewed, I got only 1 point back to my account?

  110. hi mstan,

    you would need to complete COMPLETE survey to get the other point.

  111. Hi, just need to clarify.

    i understand that as a concept store member. i am entitled to grab a maximum of 8 items, both in store and online. But when i tried to do so today, it still restricts me to a max of 4 items.

    please advice.

  112. Hi Irene,

    I believe we can only grab 4 items online while 8 items in concept store.

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