Come & Enjoy! FREEBIES & FREE TREATMENTS for Fr3b’rs & your family/friends

Opening EDM


25 responses to “Come & Enjoy! FREEBIES & FREE TREATMENTS for Fr3b’rs & your family/friends

  1. wow sounds great ! 😛

  2. how do we apply to turn up for the event ?

  3. you need not apply anything, just bring yourself and your friends along will do 🙂

  4. We need to be members in order to enter the event?? What about the friends that we bring? Must also be member? Any limit of numbers?

  5. Are members still required to make a booking for the event? I tried to load the page for booking but it is now blank. Does booking make any difference, or can everyone just enter freely?

  6. Hi Teresa, no need , as mention in the mailer as long as you are a fr3b’r you can bring your friends and family members to come and have fun in this event.

    Hi lordodstones, no need booking 🙂 if you are getting the free teenage mag and acnes kit then please remebr to bring the mailer 🙂

  7. My sis & me definitely will be going down but in late afternoon on 1Aug09, hopefully it will turn out to be a disappointed event for us..
    With fr3b, we always be around with it. Cheers~

  8. hi, do i need to be the concept store member to be able attend this event?Coz i’m only online fr3b’s will be limit to certain sampling if i can go?

  9. HI mstan:
    lol , did you type wrongly? disappointed event? 🙂

    hi yokoi,
    no need , of course, you can attend the event 🙂 but not the store as its an exclusive members only store:)

  10. I’m going! =)))
    I want the teenage mag.=X

  11. Hi, can i just go down to the store to register? (I don’t have I-banking at the moment). In that case do i need a booking?

  12. Hi, if i do not have a printer? I want the freebies ! 😦

    Can i take a picture with my camera as PROOF?

  13. Are those freebies and free treatments available on both Saturday and Sunday, or just Saturday? Coz I might not be able to make it on the Saturday.

  14. any1 went today?? was it very crowded?? alot of freebies?

  15. Over all, I am pretty please with the goodie bag and the samples in store for us.

    However,why aint there any acne medicated trial pack despite the need for reservation and the touble of printing the slip out? I hope it is not the sachet that comes with the teenage magazine. If it is, then it’s quite disappointing.

  16. I heard on twitter from michelle that she thinks the goodiebag is probably not so much as 50 bucks. any feedback? I didnt get the membership.

  17. if i take the complimentary facial into acc then it is worth >$50, if not it is not worth 😦

    I did enjoyed the event though 😀
    It would be good if fr3b managed to get the samples in vials form rather than sachet, pretty hard to apply. Though I understand they can’t control what the companies give.

    However, I find the check in and out time very long. Especially the waiting time, which was irritating.

    Also, probably because of the overwhelming response, I still cannot write reviews for the 8 items I got at the store. When would this be up ?

  18. Maybe those who received the goody bag can share what in it?

  19. so whether can sign up for the membership at the store itself?

    anyone can advise on this?

    cos i want to go down to the store to see the samples before deciding whether to take up the membership anot.. althought the location is at town area but i think when i offwork the store should have been closed already.

  20. can sign up at the store.
    that was what some fr3b-ers did on the 1st day of opening 🙂

  21. thanks Cher..

    think later i go check it out wor.. haha..

  22. I would like to feedback – is it possible for concept member to browse the samples online instead of going down to town area? And I’m still figuring out how to review the products that I had sampled at the store.

  23. yes, we are working on that mstan 🙂 the reviewing part will be updated shortly 🙂 as there are so many new samples thus we are uploading them slowly to prevent another glitch 🙂

  24. good great can order to my gf

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