[New Sample]Two Girls Brand Living Rose Face Cream

Samples exclusively for Fr3b’rs

Two Girls Brand Living Rose Face Cream


The “TWO GIRLS Brand” was the registered trademark for products of the Kwong Sang Hong Limited. This company was founded in 1898 by Mr Fung Fook Tien and it is the FIRST cosmetics brand in Hong Kong over a century. As time went by, foreign brands cosmetics products were imported in but the prices of such foreign brands were usually sold at a high price which only the rich and expatriates could afford them. Seeing an opportunity in the local cosmetic market and knowing the local women lacked of fine and good cosmetics at a affordable prices, Mr Fung established the first local cosmetics company in Hong Kong and actually surpass the foreign competitors with great success!

From the beginning, there are the best and long standing 4 classic BEST sellers. The famous 4 are the Florida Water, Face Cream, Talcum Powder and Hair Oil. Today, there are range of cosmetics and health products. The range is expanding constantly, which includes toiletries and skin care products such as body wash, hand cream, soap, sun block and skin care series made in Switzerland! The unique vintage design in the packaging of the products truly reflects the good quality of product. In fact, many tourists choose the products as their best souvenir collection!

1) A non greasy formula containing living cell liposome, collagen, allantoin and anti-aging elements. It is clear and easily absorbed by skin, promotes growing of healthy tissues.
2) It can be used for replenishing the moisture content of your skin and makes the skin enduringly silky and smooth.
3) It can be applied to freshly sun burnt skin or sensitive skin.
4) It is ideal for babies as a nappy and milk rash cream.
5) A product with a long history. It can be used as a make up base cream.
6) It is suitable for all ages and skin types.
7) Easy to carry along!
Usage: Apply suitable amount onto face or any dry areas.

Made in Hongkong

Available exclusively at http://www.fazeline.com

Samples: Up for grabs 22nd May 2009

Grab sample: HERE

*Limited* sample worth $7.50




One response to “[New Sample]Two Girls Brand Living Rose Face Cream

  1. Hi, is this item “Two Girls Brand Living Rose Face Cream” still available for purchase? If so, how much is it?

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