[New Sample] Blue Pollack Ocean Fragrance

Blue Pollack Ocean Fragrance

Refined versions of men’s knitwear and accessories, of superior quality, with a research in the entire world for the most select natural fibres and a special attention towards new technologies and materials.
In the spring of 2006, next to Peter Brown Chelsea Studios London (sophisticated landmark of a traditional England) the Blue Pollack brand is presented, strongly inspired to the sea and its people, to sailing and its principles.
BLUE POLLACK FOR MARINE CONNECTION Marine Connection is a non-profit English association, recognized at international level.
It is an important landmark for dolphins protection, especially those living in the fjord of Moray in Scotland.
It does not receive any funds from Governments. All donations and money raised from adoptions support and promote sensibilization campaigns, which are of vital importance for the protection of these mammals.
It is in this way that Blue Pollack decided to start a co-operation with a first donation in favour of anyone who has taken or is going to take the sea ambient protection as a Credo.
The external packaging, in tetra park to recall a sporting style, proposed in the Blue Pollack Institutional Colours. Unique bottle to capture a particular nuance of green and shading in blue.

Made In Italy

Available exclusively at Sa Sa

Samples: Up for grabs 20th May 2009

Grab sample: HERE




3 responses to “[New Sample] Blue Pollack Ocean Fragrance

  1. Hello, very interesting article. I completely agree. I think that establishing relationship with prospective and

    existing customers is a very important part of every business. Advertising plays a great role in the success or failure

    most of times. Thank you. I read the article with pleasure.

  2. I have recently got Blue Pollack eau de perfum, it’s the best perfume I’ve ever got, in my notion.
    It smells very natural with dynamic, cool aroma, in continuous notes. So its flavour reminds me of strong yet tender wind of ocean sea, the refinement enveloped in cool punch.

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