[New Sample]Acqua Di Portofino EDP

Acqua di Portofino is a fragrance that has captured the charming of a unique place, Portofino. This perfume is the expression of an exclusive universe, sporty, refined elegant at the same time. The citrus character is allied with flowers among which the protagonist is the Pitosphorum a typical Mediterranean tree growing luxuriant in the land of Portofino.
The packaging recalls this enchanted marine place and it completed with a ‘mise en beaute’ bath line.

Portofino is the pearl of the Riviera di Levante, the branch of the Ligurian Riviera where the sun rises. It is a welcoming harbor that in Roman times served as a reststop for ships navigating from Rome to Marseilles. Plinius the Elder named it Portus Delphini because dolphins abounded in its waters. It is a naturally deep harbour where vessels can safely cast anchor for shelter.

Portofino Little Bay The famous village is in the shape of a moon crescent wrapping around the little bay. It has remained vastly unchanged in spite of its attraction as a tourist spot. Famous Italian journalist Indro Montanelli said that it was the “unico angolo scampato” (the only corner that saved itself) in the Riviera. On the mountains behind the bay thousands of hectares are planted with maritime pines, chestnuts, oaks and olive trees. Portofino was already famous at the turn of the century, but it took off as a tourist resort in the fifties. Artists, actors, writers, celebrities come here from all over the world. The village is elegant in a relaxed manner. The local people have the directness and the honesty of the Ligurian people. In the Middle Ages this sheltered community fared well, finding abundant fish on the coast, and the harvesting the hills behind it. Then as now the hills produced olive oil. Nowadays a large Parco Regionale protects the local environment. The façades of the houses are painted in colors typical of this region, soft yellow, rosa antico (a kind of faded pink), soft blue, green. The “persiane,” the window shutters, are invariably painted forest green. Many buildings are decorated with trompe l’oeil effects. With time, the frescos are faded by the ravages of salt water and wind, and acquire a fascinating sfumato. Portofino has been called “Gioiello artistico d’Europa.” It is a protected area, and it has not changed much, as one can see in antique sepia.

Made in Italy

Retail Price: SGD$59.00 / 50ml , $69.00 / 100ml ,

Available exclusively at Sa Sa

Samples: Up for grabs 19th May 2009

Grab sample: HERE




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