[New Sample]VICHY Double Corrective Whitening Essence

VICHY Double Corrective Whitening Essence

Bi-WHITE REVEAL Double Effectiveness: Fairness and Inner Radiance through Refine Skin Texture

The NEW Bi-WHITE REVEAL range has superior whitening results and proven excellent tolerance on Asian skin. It is enriched with the following active ingredients:

•  Ceramide White TM for its whitening effects and its ability to maintain and regulate the skin’s barrier’s permeability to water. It can also retain water.

•  LHA that gently exfoliates dead cells and smoothes skin’s texture by stimulating cell regeneration. It serves as a skin surface illuminator.

•  Salicylic Acid helps slough off dead cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it smoother and softer.

•  Vitamin CG for its whitening properties as a melanin blocker and surface exfoliation properties.

•  Vitamin E is used for its anti-free radical properties and thus the protective effect it exerts against the free radicals released by keratinocytes.

Clinically Proven Results on Asian Skin

Based on a clinical test conducted on 40 Asian subjects under dermatological control over 8 weeks of use, the results are as follows:

–  A statistically significant lightening of the pigmentation after 8 weeks of use –14%

–  A statistically significant decrease in spot size after 8 weeks of use – 17%

– A statistically significant decrease in the number of spots after 8 weeks of use

– A water-in-oil emulsion that gives an immediate “soft focus” effect and smoothes complexion.

Texture: Creamy, fresh fluid with a matt, non-sticky finish that leaves the skin feeling more supple.

Application: Apply daily in the morning and evening on the face after cleansing and toning.
Avoid the eye contour area.

Samples: Up for grabs 29th April 2009

Grab sample: HERE



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