Happy belated New Year

Hello Fr3b’rs,

We are late again! Apologies!

Happy belated new year to all our fellow Fr3b’rs!

2008 had been a great year for Fr3b and our team. We burned many midnight oils to meet tight deadlines and coping with many different experiences.  Nevertheless, we really like to thank all our fellow Fr3b’rs for telling your friends, buddies, blog readers about Fr3b because without you,  Fr3b would not have reached our targeted 20 000 member base so fast! Thank you all.

And yep not forgetting Fr3b’rs requests and site improvement suggestions, the new Fr3b site will be revealed in late February. We are really excited about it as this will be Fr3b’s 4th make over since  May 19th 2008. SMILES =D

Lastly, also we had not forgotten, the editors/reporters from Lian he zao bao, wan bao and FM 100.3. Thank you for featuring us and being featured on the newspaper and over the radio indeed brought in many new members and gave Fr3b’s team a sense of achievement.

The below is a video made by our Fr3b’r which we happen to find it while browsing through all the blog drops =) Thank you its really nice of you to make a video  about Fr3b

More samples coming in… keep a look out! Cheers

With many love,

Elfaine & Fr3b’s team


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