Fr3b’s Xmas Online Private Sale 08

Dear Fr3b’rs,




60 responses to “Fr3b’s Xmas Online Private Sale 08

  1. hi, i am a member of fr3b. How do i get myself an invitation to this event? I clicked on the page in my user profile but nothing happen. What should i do ?

  2. Hi Minsin,

    I have invited you =)

  3. Hi i have requested for an invitation but did not recieve any emails …

  4. Hi bbabyjess,
    the invitation will be sent on 22nd Nov 08


  5. I clicked on my profile too, but nothing happened. Can I ?

  6. can invite me too ?


  7. Hi Lai Kuan,

    Invited, cheers!

  8. hm i also clicked on it too but nothing happens. >.<
    can you pls invite me too? =D thanx a million~

  9. Hi Jenblue,

    Invited you, cheers

  10. i thought we have to click the logo and we’re invited? i just clicked the logo and it stated i’m invited 🙂

  11. Hi Nicholas,
    yes you are right, as some Fr3b’rs seems to be having issues clicking on the logo, we will “click” & invite them on their behalf=)

  12. Sorry didnt notice that emial will only be send on 22nd , thnx anyway !

  13. hi bbabyjess,

    no worries, cheers!

  14. Hi i am also a member can u invite me too!!

  15. Hello Bakaziling,

    Invited! cheers

  16. wondering what time it would be when i receive the email…

  17. Yeah, me too. I’m so excited that I’m practically checking my inbox a few times within an hour… 🙂

  18. hello.can invite me too?i’m a member too.but to to go about entering the sale thingy?

  19. hav nt recd the email for the exclusive preview~
    *so excited!!~*

  20. under My Account, click on the big ad on the private sale..

    still yet to receive any email.. Pls don’t tell me is tonite..

  21. today is the start of the private sale? I didn’t receive the email on the private sale URL…

  22. Hi, I’ve not receive the invite neither… has it started?

  23. where is the email??dun tell mi it’ll be sent tonite at 1159hrs??

  24. i meant 2359hrs~~
    *fr3b, pls send e email asap*
    thank u

  25. has anyone received it yet? i have not receive it yet *pout*

  26. hey girls, oh dear, we are arranging to sent out the 2nd time now, =) thank you all for the patience

  27. ya.. havent received the mail too 😦

  28. I hope my hotmail is working fine! Cos’ i haven’t receive the mail. Can’t wait can’t wait (:

  29. ok, people pls check email. Just received mine. 😀

  30. Emails resent already =) we are scheduling for another email invitation tomorrow just in case if anyone of you have not received it =)

  31. i have not received the invitation. sob sob….

  32. one question.. ibanking is on maintenance today
    we cannot complete the check-out.. 😦

  33. still have not receive any email yet..

  34. didn’t receive! sob:(

  35. received:)

  36. Invitation received. 🙂

  37. click on the link but didn’t receive any email 😦

  38. Unable to make payment because DBS ibanking down. Cannot retrieve the list of items I have reserved but I think you have credited some points for purchase of these items. Please assist. Don’t want to lose these items.

  39. Yeah. DBS ibanking is down now!
    I’m going out later, and i will only be back tomorrow.
    Will my choosen item be out of stockkkkk?


  40. Just went back to choose my items again since I can make payment now. Though some items already out of stock…

  41. will there be new items up for grabs? Just checked my invite and logged in, most of what I want are already sold out. 😦

  42. Yes, we will be updating it =D

  43. I wishes biotherm aquasource mosturizer will be back in stock.. and the product range as well….

  44. Will you drop us an email when you stock up the item?

  45. Yes we will =) we are working on it and will send out another email notification to exclusive preview Fr3b’rs

  46. thanks alot. I am big fan of biotherm.. so excited !

  47. pls invite me too!

  48. Hi, i hope Nuteen can give discounts too during this Xmas season:)

  49. Hi bluewings,

    yes Nuteen kits =)

  50. Hope to have Neutrogena fair fairness kit ! would defintely buy it !

  51. pls invite me too =)

  52. Thanks Fr3b! But what abt just the Nuteen blackhead remover? Cos’ i wanna buy that. And will there be discounts for Bio-Essence products too? Looking Forward!

  53. hope to see ZA products! and also more new products too!

  54. Really hopes this item – Dior Gift Set includes:
    5 Colour EyeShadow & Ultra Gloss Reflect Lipgloss will be in stock again. Really love to have it. Could you kindly drop a email notification when the item stock up? Thank.

  55. How excited had just received my order from the Xmas sale. Guess the postman did not protect it from the rain. As when I receive it the whole box was very wet….:-( hope the items inside is fine…..

  56. hi hi clicked on the link for the xmas private sale but nothing happened.. help?

  57. HI,

    I have not received any invitation too. Do invite me.

  58. hi i have not received my invitation
    do invite me (=

  59. I would like to be invited too!

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