[New Sample]California Cool CAR Scents

California Cool CAR Scents

California Scents are a range of unique air fresheners that come neatly packaged and smell phenomenal.

Refresher Top Vent Clip.

Cool Fragrance for cool air.

Unseal the freshness by clipping the bottle onto your car’s air conditioning vent.

Vent clip refresher top consists of a wooden top designed to absorb fragrance oils for a continuous release.

-Clips to car’s air conditioning vent

-Lasts up to 45 days

-Small, Attractive bottles

California Scents Vent Clip Refresher Top Air Fresheners are available in a variety of fragrances. There are 6 different wonderful flavours for this range. The flavours are:

-Laguna Breeze

-Coronado Cherry

-Orange Blossom

-Gardenia Del Mar

-Newport New Car

-Malibu Melon

Retail Price: $5.20

Samples: Up for grabs 9th November 2008



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