[New Sample]SANSHO Skin Moisturizing Gel

SANSHO Skin Moisturizing Gel

3 in 1
-Foundation Base
-Lock in Moisture
-UV Protection

Skin Moisturizing Gel combines rich lotion and skin-protecting silicon to moisturize and nourish your skin. The oils used in conventional skincare products are susceptible to oxidation, decay and deterioration, making them less than ideal for the skin. However, silicon is a stable material that does not deteriorate when exposed to heat or light. In our Skin Moisturizing Gel, this silicon forms a mesh-like structure enclosing nourishing lotion.

Skin Moisturizing Gel delivers valuable nutrients to the skin, and the silicon mesh forms a barrier, locking in moisture. This barrier also keeps the nutrients close to the skin, as Skin Moisturizing Gel does not run or evaporate quickly, like some conventional lotions. This non-sticky gel is suitable for use on both oily and dry skin, as well as after sunbathing, to soothe and hydrate. Skin Moisturizing Gel is particularly effective under make-up, creating a base that allows foundation to be applied smoothly and evenly, while the silicon mesh helps keep make-up in place throughout the day. Skin Moisturizing Gel is a natural product, free of activators and alcohol.

Active Ingredients
Evening Primrose extract – Antioxidant/Whitening properties
Seaweed extract – Moisturizing/Whitening properties
Plant collagen (from soya beans) – Moisturizing properties
Plant proteins – Anti-aging properties
Sodium hyaluronate – Moisturizing properties
Silicon – Barrier effect to protect the skin, preventing oxidation
Titanium dioxide – Cuts ultraviolet rays

Samples: Up for grabs 28th October 2008



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