[New sample] CURE Natural Aqua Jel

CURE Natural Aqua Jel

samples available exclusively at Fr3b.com

* Raved by many famous/well known Japan magazines

* Voted No 1 product on well known Japanese Beauty Website

* & many more! check it out here: http://www.fr3b.com/CURE_index.htm

Nature Aqua Gel Cure is formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle to your skin and is suitable for all skin type. It softens the top layer and gently removes the dead skin cells from your skin. It aids in removing dead and old skin cells which normal cleansing product are unable to remove.

With continued usage, it helps to prevent blackheads and reveal a brighter, firmer and smoother skin.

Features: Non-scented, color free, no preservatives and no animal testing.90% of ingredient is made of water.

Detailed information: http://www.fr3b.com/CURE_index.htm

Samples: Up for grabs 23rd October 2008



One response to “[New sample] CURE Natural Aqua Jel

  1. hey! this product is actually good.. it is a good facial and body scrub especially those who have sensitive skin..but this one just like water.. go and try it guys! highly recommended..

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