Compliment from fellow fr3b’r

Dear Fr3b’rs,

First of all,Thank you Kirsten Sim. Nothing could brighten up our day by seeing such nice email from you! Its really a pleasure being able to bring good services to you like Fr3b always pledges to do so.

Like always said, Fr3b will work even harder to serve all fr3b’rs better and bring more freebies for you!

Once again, thank you Kirsten for bringing a smile to our team.



3 responses to “Compliment from fellow fr3b’r

  1. Is it possible to introduce credit/debit card payment via the net or manual bank transfer for the payment of postage fee ? 🙂

  2. I suggest that another bank be included such as UOB bank for the payment as i dont have POSB account..

  3. Dear Fr3b’rs:

    Yes you can transfer from other banks, no issues at all, just that inter-bank transfers takes about 3-5 working days for Fr3b to receive the funds.

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