[Notice]BRTC samples updates

Dear Fr3b’rs,

With effect from 2nd October 2008, 2 BRTC samples will be issued instead of 1 sample per Fr3b’r.

This is a respond from the BRTC(SINGAPORE) mangement due to feedbacks made by Fr3b’rs.

Update: Fr3b’rs that requested from the BRTC samples before 2nd October, when you do your next check out, please email us “Add-on BRTC sample” as the email title & your username so that we can include the samples in the Fr3b pack.



7 responses to “[Notice]BRTC samples updates

  1. =_=” what about those who already sampled? won’t it be unfair? possible to send another sample along the next fr3b package (for those who only got 1 pathetic sample )? will deeply appreciate that!

  2. sorry, but what does BRTC stands for?

  3. for those who already sampled brtc before 02/10/08, i do hope that fr3b can send another sample pack along the next package, so that its fair to everyone.

  4. Huh, it’s not fair that I only got 1 sachet of sample. Hope they send us another 1. =(

  5. yup yup i totally agree. it isnt fair t those tt only received a sachet. pls do smth about it thanks. like sending them another sample or smth ?

  6. haha..I was actually thinking abt d same thing if Fr3b can sent us d other sachet along with our next Fr3bPACK as I’ve ordered both BRTC bb creams before 2oct, but on the other hand I’m thinking: will there be enough to go ard if Fr3b were to do that? =p

  7. summertea: BRTC = Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics =)

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