Gift of appreciation: Blog & Win

Have you blog about in your blog?

If YES, let US notice YOU!

And 2 lucky Fr3b’rs will stand to win 1 FULL set of acrylic nail extensions and 1 Multi vitamin facial for


Total worth more than s$130 had given away more than 215 surprise appreciation gifts to date!

Rewards will be mailed to the 2 lucky fr3b’rs on 30th september & we will announce the winners here!

Lets roll!

p.s more samples coming in! Hint:BB creams =)



10 responses to “Gift of appreciation: Blog & Win

  1. It’s great to be part of this BIG family:)

  2. i promise to adv fr3d with all my might if i got that gift. Evil laughters. 😀

  3. How to get the sample when I don’t had ibanking?

  4. I love Fr3b! It’s true!

  5. I love Fr3b! It’s true!

    *oops.. wrong website link on the previous comment!*

  6. I’ve just posted something abt Click at my name will link u to it.

  7. Thankie thankie thankie ~~

    Lets those gifts roll roll roll to me , more more more ~ I dont mind more gifts.


    Heart fr3b ~

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