[New Arrival] [SALON Brand] SANSHO Japan Skin Emollient Essence

SANSHO Japan Skin Emollient Essence

Each capsule contains the power to reinvigorate your skin

Because our Skin Emollient Essence comes in capsule form, the active ingredients are kept fresh; protected from the deterioration and oxidation that can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays and air. Press the dispenser to break open the capsules and release the active ingredients, which combine with the capsule’s seaweed-based wall and clear nutrient gel to achieve a balanced moisturizer. Now you can nourish your skin with fresh ingredients every day.


When used before bedtime, this essence works to restore your skin while you sleep. The rich essence contained in each capsule, and the active ingredients in the seaweed-based capsule shell increase suppleness, prevent oxidation, moisturize, whiten, and firm your skin. We promise you’ll notice the difference!

Active Ingredients

Evening Primrose extract Antioxidant/Whitening properties
Seaweed extract Moisturizing/Whitening properties
Plant collagen (from soya) Moisturizing properties
Plant proteins Anti-aging properties
Sodium hyaluronate Moisturizing properties
Ceramides Moisturizing properties


  1. Remove make-up and excess oil from your face before using.
  2. Place a small amount (Press pump 3 to 4 times) of essence on your palm and smooth gently over your face.
  3. Use extra essence on any areas that require extra care.
  4. Use after bathing or last thing at night for best results.

Samples: Up for grabs 4th July 2008



3 responses to “[New Arrival] [SALON Brand] SANSHO Japan Skin Emollient Essence

  1. omg!! i wan the samples!!

  2. sounds good!

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