Fr3b’s surprise appreciation program

Dear members,

The Fr3b’s surprise appreciation program will be officially start from today!

How this works?

Simple, just write a lil something about Fr3b on your blog and you will stand a chance to receive the appreciation gift. The appreciation gift can be anything under the sun =)

The 1st winner of the appreciation gift goes to kisscakee.(

As we noticed that she is a young fashionable mummy from her blog, therefore Fr3b’s team decided to sent her a surprise Fr3b pack with a nice pair of black leggings & a pretty comfy dress for her baby!

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Kisscakee for being Fr3b’s pioneer and for being so active in giving us suggestions & comments. And most importantly thank her for her support.

This is one of the ways how Fr3b’s team show appreciation to our members.

Because, we appreciate and listen to you.

p.s more & more emails have been coming in to enquire about the freelance beauty editor, we had currently shortlisted one of them which is also Fr3b’s member. Keep the emails coming, thank you all.



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